Technical Specifications

ROTORTEST 3.5 is a field balancer designed for dynamic balancing and diagnostics of rotors installed in various machines. This portable device enables balancing of rotors in working conditions and helps eliminate vibration problems. ROTORTEST 3.5 is a convenient instrument for balancing installed rotors, accurately and inexpensively without disassembling the machine being worked on. You can balance rotors of any size or weight in one or two balance planes. It provides you with all of the important diagnostic information such as overall vibrations, tracking analysis, and FFT frequency analysis. Roller bearing assessment is supplied as a standard feature. Roller bearing assessment performs spectrum analysis to detect periodic impacts caused by roller bearing damage and gearing damage—we will help you schedule any possible repairs and technical inspections of the equipment.

  • Analysis is done in accordance with DIN ISO 10816-3 and DIN ISO 10816-7
  • Static and dynamic field balancing with the help of two simultaneous channels
  • FFT diagnostic tool
  • Range: 1-10000 Hz
  • Balancing speed: 60-60000 min-1
  • PC connection: USB
  • Power supply: 100-240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Battery operating time: 8 hours
  • Display: TFT 32 bit color, 800×600, 160/140 degree angle
  • Measuring reports can be saved in PDF, XLS, or can be printed out on a printer (printer is not included).

If any other features are needed please request a development from our professional engineers and software developers.