Technical Specifications
  • High accuracy and efficiency are guaranteed thanks to special automatic (or manual) collet adapters with the highest clamping repeatability.
  • Compensation of unbalance caused by eccentricity of adapter clamping.
  • We’ve made component marking obsolete—our machines use the latest rotating speed measuring systems.
  • Balancing reports can be saved as a PDF, CSV or XLS and can be sent to a built-in printer or to an ERP system—summary reports can also be created on request.
  • Safety guarding standard ISO 21940-23:2012 (old ISO 7475 and DIN 45690)compliant.
  • Permanent calibration and rotor specific calibration as standard.
  • Intuitive and easy to operate software.
  • Latest measuring and control unit ROTORTEST based on microprocessor technology.
  • Different correction methods are supported: milling, drilling, grinding, punching, welding, adding balancing weights.

The following parameters are standard and can be modified upon request.

CMT-100 V1P CMT-100 V1
Weight capacity of a rotor 1 – 100 [kg] 1 – 100 [kg]
Hard-bearing and rotor specific calibration Included Included
Max. diameter of a rotor with standard safety guarding 500 [mm] 650 [mm]
Max. height of a rotor up to 150 [mm] up to 150 [mm]
Special on-site driller Included Included
Drive motor AC motor with inverter AC motor with inverter
Safety guarding and CE label Included Included
Weight of the machine around 1500 [kg] around 1500 [kg]