Unique Features
Technical Specifications

The machine CMT-VSR Basic has two balancing set-ups in one housing. The unit on the left side is used for high speed balancing of turbocharger core assemblies (CHRA) and the one on the right side is used for balancing rotors and compressor wheels. This machine is perfect for small and medium size turbocharger repair workshops as well as for R&D departments of manufacturing companies.

Top balancing accuracy
The use of of polymer technology in the machine housing ensures that external vibrations are dampened.

Hard bearing calibration (ABC)
The use of polymer technology in the machine housing also allows using hard bearing calibration, which means that operator has to fill out only geometrical parameters of a rotor to be able to start balancing process.

Quick and easy rotor dimensioning
Correction planes are indicated with a linear laser. This reduces errors made by the machine operator while using a caliper to measure a distance between correction planes.

Automatic rotor positioning
Thanks to servo motor it is possible to automatically position a rotor for a mass correction. As a result, machine operation is easier, faster, and more operator-friendly.

Adapter system
CIMAT has developed an energy-saving adapter system for our VSR machines, built in a plate and sleeve configuration—the plate fixes a core assembly (CHRA) to the machine and a sleeve drives a rotor with compressed air. CIMAT’s innovative solution provides an energy savings, which wind up translating to cost savings. With CIMAT’s innovative adapter system, 10 plates and 10 sleeves are equal to 100 traditional adapter configurations. Additionally, every plate and every sleeve is universal and fits up to a dozen bearing housings and turbo wheels—meaning fewer adapters will work with more assemblies. This innovative solution allows your company to save time and money.


Balancing speed (depends on turbo model)  300 000 rpm
Balancing results g graphs
Maximum turbine wheel diameter 85 mm
Number of balanced planes (correction in two planes is possible) 1


Range of rotor weight capacity 0,02 – 5 [kg]
Optional: 16 [kg]
Permanent and rotor specific calibration Included
Maximum rotor diameter 200 [mm]
Optional: 350 [mm]
Range of journal diameters 5 – 20 [mm]
Optional: 6-30 [mm]
Distance between centers of pedestals 10 – 300 [mm]
Minimum achievable residua unbalance 0,1 [gmm]
Balancing speed Up to 9000 [rpm]



Power supply 230 V +/- 10%, 50/60 Hz
Weight of the machine 550 kg
Dimensions 1450 (W) x 940 (D) x 1600 (H) mm