Technical Specifications

To achieve consistent balancing quality and make the process more efficient, and cost-effective, even in case of small-batch production, the machine can be now equipped with 1-axis automatic drilling system. To make it more versatile and capable of automatic balancing more types of rotors, the drilling spindle can be set up in a vertical or horizontal orientation. As a result the machine is a real all-rounder which combines high performance ratio with economic price. Moreover, it is already adapted for robot integration for automatic loading in case of production volume increase

The perfect solution for the:
• Machine Industry,
• Automotive Industry,
• Railways,
• Aircraft,
• Pump impellers production,
• Agriculture.


• automatic drilling correction in the range of 90 degrees,
• drilling at any angle to the axis of the detail, not only vertically and horizontally,
• compact design,
• fastening system,
• automatic chip extraction,
• fast fixing the rotor,
• limiter of the radial force influencing the extension of the service life of the spindle and the chuck,
• easy manual loading.

The following parameters are standard and can be modified upon request.

Maximum rotor weight 15, 30, 50 kg
Rotor diameter range 80 mm – 400 mm
Maximum rotor and tooling height 400 mm
Balancing speed  600 – 1200 rpm
Measurement uncertainty 4 gmm
Unbalance Reduction Ratio (URR) Min. 95%
Drilling depth Servo controlled
Drilling column Tilted
Rotor clamping Automatic
Rotor indexing Automatic
Mass correction Automatic drilling