Awards & Certificates

By earning the appropriate certificates of quality and business credibility, CIMAT offers its customers the best balancing solutions worldwide.

A Certificate of Business Credibility

This is awarded by Dun & Bradstreet to companies with the highest stability rating given by D&B—companies whose financial data guarantee high profitability and financial liquidity. A Certificate of Business Credibility guarantees that its holder is a reliable partner and are worth doing business with. Certificates awarded by Dun & Bradstreet are recognized all over the world and help increase the company’s market attractiveness.

D&B, international credit information agency, evaluates company credibility and stability on the basis of:

  • analysis of payment morality according to DunTrade program.
  • analysis of financial indexes from most recent financial statements available.

ISO 9001-2015  

The Burke Porter Group—and its family of brands—holds an ISO 9001-2015 certificate for quality management system for the design, manufacture and Installation of production, assembly and testing equipment for the automotive and other Industries.