Послуги балансування  

  If you are looking for an experienced team in the field of precise balancing confirmed by appropriate certificates, please contact us. We will help and solve any problem. Within 25 years, we have balanced tens of thousands of rotors as a service and we have gained the necessary experience. We are a leader in the production of balancing machines on the Polish market and one of the major manufacturers in the world. We provide balancing services in the selected accuracy class. To confirm the quality of our work, we enclose balancing certificates. We provide services on time and reliably. As a service, we balance any machine parts that are delivered to our headquarters on stationary balancers and in own bearings at the customer’s. The balancers on which we work are used to precisely balance a large variety of rotors of various shapes and sizes used in many industries.   Why is it worthwhile to balance?
  • take care of your wallet, unbalanced devices wear out faster and are subject to costly breakdowns
  • the quality of manufactured components will increase.
  • you will increase the safety of people staying in the vicinity of rotating elements
  • your comfort will increase when operating devices with well-balanced elements (elimination of noise, vibrations).
  • in any case, the balancing of the rotating elements influences their correct operation.


Balance pricing

Deliveries, collections and invoices

Jarosław Kępa +48. 606.308.598 e-mail: sales.cmt@ascentialtech.com Dominika Grzegorzewska +48.605.889.385 e-mail: sales.cmt@ascentialtech.com


Delivery address of rotors for the balancing service:

Przedsiębiorstwo CIMAT Sp. z o.o.
Balancing Services Department
Bogdana Raczkowskiego 4 85- 862 Bydgoszcz