Pемонты и модернизация

Дамы и господа, если вы заинтересованы в ремонте или модернизации, можете использовать наш более чем 25-летний опыт работы в отрасли балансировочных станков, наших современных технических средств и команды опытных профессионалов. The main goal of an upgrade is restoring the machine’s ability to measure efficiency and accuracy. Our service team can upgrade and repair balancing machines of all makes. The most common upgrades and repairs are on Schenck, AM, Hoffman, Elettorava, Reutlinger, CEMB, and Abro machines. Usually, we swap out the old measuring unit for a new ROTORTEST 9.5 or ROTORTEST 8.5, which will meet the latest norms and standards. We may also change the mechanical components like roller bearings, carriages (soft bearing machines), end drives, accelerometers, and more CIMAT provides 12 months warranty for upgraded machines and issues a quality certificate. The CIMAT service team is capable of performing a lot of work at the customer’s place of business. However, in case of complete overhaul, the machine or its parts have to be sent to a CIMAT facility.